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There is a vast body of helpful tools that can be used in order to foster Open Science practices. For reasons of clarity, this toolbox aims at providing only a selection of links to these resources and tools. Our goal is to give a short overview on possibilities of how to enhance your Open Science practices without consuming too much of your time. You can either navigate on the online toolbox or download the full toolbox as pdf. The content of this page was create by Lutz Heil. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or contributions (contact: Malika Ihle).

Open Science Workshop Material of the LMU Open Science Center

Angelika Stefan, Felix Schönbrodt, Julia Brandt, and Lena Schiestel created materials for workshops on Open Science related topics:

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Open Science
Preregistration Power Analysis Open Data
Open Materials
Open Access

 You can use or remix the material under a CC-BY licence for your teaching purposes.


PhD/Dissertation agreement

A PhD/Dissertation agreement is a good oppurtunity to assure the implementation of Open Science practices in the research of PhD candidates. The Department Psychology of the LMU Munich provides a template for this kind of agreement that could be used as an example for similiar documents in all disciplines.


  • Getting Started


    10 Easy steps every researcher can take towards a more transparent and reproducible research practice more

  • OSC-Workshops


    Here we present a collection of interesting workshops from the past and provide videos and materials to repeat or catch up on them online. The OSC regulary organizes a wide range of different workshops around Open Science. You can find more information on upcoming workshops and talks under Events. more

  • Resources for Researchers


    Here we provide a collection of resources and tools for researchers to facilitate Open Science practices. The resources are further ordered by stage of the research cycle. more

  • Resources for Teaching


    If you are interested in teaching Open Science practices, see this selection of curriculum material, complete examples of online courses, and further tools to implement in an Open Science workshop more

  • Key Papers


    See this chapter for a recommondation list of Open Science articles, guidelines, and other toolboxes offering helpful resources. more

  • Community


    Information on other Open Science initiatives, resources of the Open Science community and how to stay tuned on Open Science news. more

Responsible for content: Felix Schönbrodt