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Scientific Coordinator

Malika Ihle PortraitMalika Ihle is the LMU Open Science Center Coordinator, supporting the scientific board in developing a comprehensive approach to open research that extends across all disciplines, using both bottom-up and top-down strategies.





 Her role is to

  • provide peer-to-peer training and develop an open research curriculum,
  • coordinate grassroots initiatives and organise various events such as seminars and conferences,
  • support meta-research collaborations,
  • liaise with local, national (e.g. the German Reproducibility Network (GRN)), and international stakeholders to inform the design of incentives and policies,
  • and co-develop a strategic plan to make the LMU Open Science Center a sustainable entity.

Please do not hesitate to contact her at with any suggestions, requests, or opportunities pertaining to these activities!

Prior to this, Malika was in a similar role for 2.5 years at the University of Oxford, coordinating Reproducible Research Oxford (RROx) and acting as the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) local network lead.

Malika holds a PhD in Biology, and is a founding member of the Society for Open, Reliable, and Transparent Ecology and Evolutionary biology (SORTEE).

Selected Articles:

  • Ihle M, Winney IS, Krystalli A & Croucher M. 2017. Striving for transparent and credible research: practical guidelines for behavioral ecologists. Invited Idea – Behavioral Ecology.
  • O’Dea RE, Parker TH, Chee YE, Drobniak SM, Duncan DH, Fidler F, Gould E, Ihle M, Kelly CD, Lagisz M, Roche DG, Sánchez-Tójar A, Wilkinson DP, Wintle BC, Nakagawa S. 2021. Towards open, reliable, and transparent ecology and evolutionary biology. BMC Biology.
  • Kohrs FE, Auer S, Bannach-Brown A, Fiedler S, Haven TL, Heise V, Holman C, Azevedo F, Bernard R, Bleier A, Bössel N, Cahill BP, Castro LJ, Ehrenhofer A, Eichel K, Frank M, Frick C, Friese M, Gärtner A, Gierend K, Grüning DJ, Hahn L, Hülsemann M, Ihle M, Illius S, König L, König M, Kulke L, Kutlin A, Lammers F, Mehler DMA, Miehl C, Müller-Alcazar A, Neuendorf C, Niemeyer H, Pargent F, Peikert A, Pfeuffer CU, Reinecke R, Röer JP, Rohmann JL, Sánchez-Tójar A, Scherbaum S, Sixtus E, Spitzer L, Straßburger VM, Weber M, Whitmire CJ, Zerna J, Zorbek D, Zumstein P, Weissgerber TL (2023) Eleven strategies for making reproducible research and open science training the norm at research institutions. eLife. 



Phone: +49 89 2180 5872 (note that Malika mostly works from home, so it is best to email her and ask for a call back)