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08.06.2022 3pm-4pm Open Access Workshop offered by the Open Science Initiative Psychology (OSIP), in collaboration with the LMU Open Science Center [more...] German/ English Hybrid (Zoom webinar and  at Leopoldstraße 13, room 3322, Munich)

Malika Ihle

20.06.2022, 4pm-6pm Symposium: "How paper mills publish fake science industrial-style - is there really a problem and how does it work?" organised by Prof. Bernhard A. Sabel (U Magdeburg) and Felix Schönbrodt (LMU OSC) [more…]
English Hybrid (Zoom webinar and at Lusienstraße 37, Munich)

Malika Ihle


23.05.2022 3pm-4pm Presentation: Open research at Oxford - survey results - by OSC coordinator Malika Ihle, to OSC members English Online (Zoom meeting) Malika Ihle
08.03.2022, 4pm-6.30pm Workshop: "Open Data, Data Sharing und Datenschutz in der Medizin: Wunsch und Wirklichkeit" held by the LMU Open Science Initiative in Medicine (OSIM) and the Institute for Medical Information Processing, Biometry, and Epidemiology (IBE) [more...] German Online (Zoom-Meeting) Christina Nießl
10.11.2021, 2pm-5pm & 24.11.2021, 2pm-5pm Workshop "Tips and tools for a reproducible workflow" led by Dr. Caroline Zygar-Hoffmann and Moritz Fischer (LMU Open Science Initative in Pychology) [more...] German Online (Zoom-Meeting) Caroline Zygar-Hoffmann
16.11.2021, 01:00pm-05:00pm German Reproducibility Day by the German Reproducibility Network (GRN) [more...] English Online (Zoom-Meeting) Felix Schönbrodt
09.07.2021, 04:30pm-06:00pm Journal Club (Session 4): "ReproJuicebiliTea: Loss-of-Confidence Project - Have you ever lost faith in your scientific
led by Laura Goetz (Medical Student), Stephan Nuding and Leonhard Schramm (Psychology Students)[more]
English Online (Zoom-Meeting) Stephan Nuding
09.07.2021, 02:30pm-04:00pm Journal Club (Session 3): "ReproJuicebiliTea: Doing good research should not be bad for your career" led by Laura Goetz (Medical Student), Stephan Nuding and Leonhard Schramm (Psychology Students) [more...] English Online (Zoom-Meeting) Stephan Nuding
08.07.2021, 04:00pm-05:30pm Workshop: "Introducing mechanisms of robustness and transparency into the institutional incentive and reward system (MERIT)" led by Dr. Miriam Kip (BIH/QUEST Berlin) [more...]
English Online (Zoom-Meeting) Ralf Ludwig
01.06.2021, 9:40am-03.06.2021, 5pm Online conference "Philosophy and Methodology of Medicine" organized by Dr. Jürgen Landes (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy) and Dr. Michael Wild (University of Kent)[more...] English Online Jürgen Landes
01.06.2021, 2pm-02.06.2021, 8pm Workshop "Prediction, Registration, and Replication of Scientific Findings" by the LMU Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) and co-organized by the LMU Open Science Center (OSC) [more...] English Zoom-meeting (online) Taisuke Imai
29.04.2021, 03:00pm-05:30pm Workshop "Publication of clinical studies" by the LMU Open Science Initiative in Medicine (OSIM) [more...] German/English Zoom-meeting (online) Christina Nießl
22.04.2021, 03:00pm-04:30pm Workshop "Research Data Management & Open Science: Trends, Funding Requirements and Services at LMU" led by Prof. Dr. Felix Schönbrodt (LMU Open Science Center), Dr. Florian Schreck, Dr. Veit Schwab (LMU Unit for Research Funding), Laura Meier and Dr. Martin Spenger (LMU University Library) [more...] English Zoom-meeting (online) Felix Schönbrodt
04.12.2020, 02:00pm-04:00pm Mini-Symposium: "Corona & Open Science" [more...]
German Zoom-meeting (online) Felix Schönbrodt
02.07.2020, 10:30am-12:15pm Workshop: "Open Science - Reproduciblity, Data Sharing, Practical Aspects" by the LMU Open Science Initiative in Medicine (OSIM) [more...]
English Zoom-meeting (online) Heidi-Seibold
14.05.2020, 4pm-5pm OSC Kolloquium: Corona & Open Science: "Fieberhafte Forschung – Warum Forschung derzeit wenig verlässlich ist und was wir dagegen tun können" Prof. Katrin Auspurg [more...] German Zoom-meeting (online) Felix Schönbrodt
06.02.2020, 8am-12pm Workshop: "Design of Replication Experiments"
led by Leonhard Held, Charlotte Micheloud and Samuel Pawel (University of Zurich) [more...]
English Richard-Wagner-Straße 10, D105 Ulrich Mansmann
05.02.2020, 4pm Talk: "Design of Replication Experiments"
by Leonhard Held (University of Zurich) [more...]
English Luisenstraße 37, Room C006 Ulrich Mansmann
29.01.2020, 12:30pm Journal Club (Session2): "ReproduicibiliTea: Discussion of central issues and papers concerning Open Science and related topics"
led by Felix Schönbrodt (LMU Open Science Center), Laura Goetz, Stephan Nuding and Leonhard Schramm (students council of Psychology) [more...]
English Leopoldstr. 13, Room 1407 Stephan Nuding
20.01.2020, 9am Workshop: "Open Access: Options, Requirements and Funding Possibilities"
led by Felix Schönbrodt (LMU Open Science Center), Volker Schallehn, Andrea Dorner, Vanessa Gabriel (LMU University Library), Dr. Veit Schwab and Dr. Anna Pahl (LMU Unit for Research Funding) [more...]
English Leopoldstr. 30, Training room S1, ground floor Anna Pahl und Veit Schwab
18.12.2019, 12:30pm-2pm    Journal Club (Session1): "ReproduicibiliTea: Discussion of central issues and papers concerning Open Science and related topics"
led by Felix Schönbrodt (LMU Open Science Center), Laura Goetz, Stephan Nuding and Leonhard Schramm (students council of Psychology) [more...]
English Leopoldstr. 13, Room 1407 Stephan Nuding
28.-30.11.2019 Workshop: "Open Science for students- Train the trainers"
led by Felix Schönbrodt and Angelika Stefan [more...]
German Pettenkoferstraße 12 Felix Schönbrodt
25.11.2019, 4 pm s.t. Workshop "Open Science in der Promotion"
An event for PhD candidates from the series "Kurz & bündig" of the GraduateCenterLMU [more...]
German Rooms announced after registration GraduateCenter
04.11.2019, 4 pm s.t. Talk: "Reproducible research: transparency and translational impact" Prof. John P.A. Ioannidis, C.F. Rehnborg Chair in Disease Prevention; Professor of Medicine, of Health Research and Policy, of Biomedical Data Science, and of Statistics, Stanford University [more...] English Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, Room E110 Anne-Laure Boulesteix
10:30 am -
12 noon
Talk: "Replication and Reproducibility in Social Sciences and Statistics: Context, Concerns, and Concrete Measures"
Dr. Lars Vilhuber, Executive Director of Labor Dynamics Institute at Cornell University & AEA Data Editor [more...]
English Ludwigstr. 28,
Room 221
Sebastian Wichert
11 am -
5 pm
Workshop: "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten in der Medizin"
Reproduzierbarkeit, Data Sharing und Open Science [more...]
German Hörsaaltrakt
Klinikum Großhadern
Heidi Seibold
9:30 am -
4 pm
Workshop: "Maintaining privacy with open data"
led by Felix Schönbrodt and Anton Marx [more...]
German TBD Felix Schönbrodt
9 am -
5 pm
Workshop: "Good Scientic Practices and how to Avoid Research Misconduct"
led by Dr. Michael Mende (IMPRS-TP Program Coordinator) [more...]
English Leopoldstr. 13, 80802 München Felix Schönbrodt
Jan. 2018 Multiplier Workshop "Teaching Open Science"
in medical science (Nick Plesnila, Gunther Löfflmann, Felix Schönbrodt)
--- Felix Schönbrodt
2:30 pm -
4:30 pm
"Paywall - The Business of Scholarship"
live-screening & panel discussion with director Jason Schmitt [more...]
English Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1,
Lecture Hall M 018
Felix Schönbrodt
5 pm s.t.
"Reproducibility of omics research: shared responsibilities and consequences of ignorance" Talk by Lisa McShane [more...] English Schellingstr. 3 Room S005 Anne-Laure Boulesteix
01.10.2018 Crashkurs - Open Science German Felix Schönbrodt