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There are several places at the LMU where you can find help to implement open research practices in your own work:

Research Funding Unit: what are grant agencies' Open Science requierements

The Research Funding Unit  is here to help researchers comply to requierements of funding agencies to increase your chances of getting funded.

For advice on how to comply to Open Science requierements, contact:

Open Science Center:  from concepts to implementation 

Subscribe to our mailing list and/or contact the OSC´s Scientific Coordinator for information on:

  • how to join open science meetups to meet like-minded researchers and exchange implementation tips,
  • where to get formal or informal training provided by expert researchers, 
  • which open research practices is relevant for your type of research 
Find self-learning material in our Toolbox, and the material from previous workshops (e.g. recordings, slides,) by visiting the page of a specific Event.
The topics we cover map onto the entire research cycle:
  • design; e.g. preregistration, registered reports, simulation of data, power analyses, data sharing planning
  • analysis; e.g. reproducible code, reproducible computational environment, version control, literate programming, free and open source software
  • reporting; reporting guidelines, transparent writing (e.g. preregistration and stage 1 registered report deviations, no HARKING (Hypothesizing After the Resuts are Known))
  • preservation: data anonymity, privacy and security, metadata, copyrights, reuse agreement, licences, DOI
  • dissemination; FAIR data sharing, preprint, postprint, open access publishing.
We also give advice or organize collaborations on:
  • replication, meta-analyses, and meta-research work.
Finally, we organize discussions on
  • research assessment reforms, team science, adversarial collaboration, and other aspects of academic research culture. 

StaBLab: Statistical consulting unit

The StaBLab team provide free statistical consultations for LMU students and researchers to support them with their thesis and research projects with, e.g.: 

  • Experimental design and sampling planning
  • Statistical modelling
  • Big Data Analyses & Machine Learning 
Book a consultation by filling out this form. Contact the team at and visit the StaBLab website for more information. 

MLCU: Machine Learning Consulting Unit

The MLCU provides machine learning consulting to LMU students and researchers.
We offer:
  • help with selection of appropriate methods to answer specific research questions
  • support with implementation and interpretation of machine and deep learning methods
  • support in setup and implementation of reproducible benchmark experiments (including hyperparameter optimization and benchmark evaluation)
  • different ways of collaboration (e.g. joint thesis or PhD supervision)
Visit the MLCU homepage for more information or book a consultation by filling out this registration form.

University Library LMU - Research Data Management HelpDesk: General RDM Support and Infrastructures

The RDM HelpDesk team at the University Library LMU provides infrastructure and gives advice on

  • how to start your research data management
  • how to write RDM plans (e.g. with the tool RDMO)
  • how to make your data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable), and 
  • how to use data repositories, including the infrastructure "Open Data LMU". 

Contact the information center at and visit the University Library Research Data page for more information.

University Library LMU - Open Access team: Open Access Publishing Funds and Open Infrastructure

The University Library provides

  • Infrastructure to preserve and share articles or books following the Green or Gold Open Access route (e.g. preprint, postprints, articles, monographs): Open Access LMU
  • Infrastructure for your own Open Access journal: Open Journals LMU
  • Infrastructure to publish your university thesis or monograph in both print and digital form as Open Access publication: Open Publishing LMU
  • Funds to cover article or book processing charges: Open Access publishing Fund
  • Framework contracts or memberships with some publishers, through which Open Access publications can be published free of charge or at a reduced price: Funding of article processing charges
Contact the Open Access team at and visit the University Library Open Access page for more information. 

IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften (ITG) - LMU Center for Digital Humanities

The ITG provides advice and assistance with

  • planning and conducting projects with substantial shares of digital methods in the humanities
  • research data management

The ITG is responsible for accompanying digital projects in the humanities, computer science, statistics and computational linguistics as well as the emerging data sciences.

Contact Dr. Stephan Lücke at and visit the ITG-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften page for more information.