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Resources for Researchers

Here we provide a collection of resources and tools for researchers to facilitate Open Science practices. The resources are further ordered by stage of the research cycle. Also, a good first source of answers to Open Science questions is Felix Henninger's Open Science FAQ.

  • Basics


    If you want to get a first insight and learn about open research concepts and skills, you can have a look at the Open Research Toolkit. Created by Christopher Eaker during Faculty Development Leave, Fall 2021, this toolkit was designed for librarians, but it is also quite useful for anyone interested in learning more about open research. more

  • Plan your Study


    Before diving into the data collection process, it might feel like Open Science practices such as pre-registration are consuming a lot of valuable time. But apart from the importance of these practices for credibility and transparency of your research, these practices can actually help organizing your project and saving time... especially when you don't need to search for resources. more

  • Conduct your Study


    During data collection, using open software, the Open Science Framework, and other collaboration tools can not only enhance your workflow and collaboration in the research team but also create a foundation for data sharing and reproducibility. Here we selected a few resources for this stage. more

  • Analyse your Data


    For your research to be transparent and reproducible, a vital part is to provide data cleaning instructions and analysis code (ideally by using nonproprietary software). This collection of resources aims at providing some helpful links to facilitate and improving your analysis sharing practices. more

  • Publish your Data, Material, and Paper


    In the publication stage of the research cycle, things can get a little tricky when you want to embrace Open Science values. The following links will help you find Open Access journals, check your publisher's policies, and guide you through licencing issues. Also, resources on sharing of data and materials are given. more

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