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readIf you want to get a first insight and learn about open research concepts and skills, you can have a look at the Open Research Toolkit. Created by Christopher Eaker during Faculty Development Leave, Fall 2021, this toolkit was designed for librarians, but it is also quite useful for anyone interested in learning more about open research.



Open Research Toolkit

The Open Research Toolkit on OSF consists of 14 topics all around Open Science. For each topic you can find a slide-show with belonging power point files and additional presentation notes. 


  1. The Open Research Ecosystem
  2. Principles and Practices of Open Research
  3. The Philosophical Underpinning of Open Research
  4. Open Access to Published Research
  5. Open Access to Research Data
  6. F.A.I.R. Data Principles
  7. Reproducibility of Research
  8. The Five Rs of Open Research
  9. Open Peer Review
  10. Open Licensing of Data and Software
  11. Open Advocacy
  12. Citizen Science
  13. Open Policies
  14. Open Education Resources