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readThis site should serve as a recommondation list of Open Science articles, guidelines, and other toolboxes offering helpful resources.

Transparency Guide

Klein, O., Hardwicke, T. E., Aust, F., Breuer, J., Danielsson, H.,... Frank, M. C. (2018, March 25). A practical guide for transparency in psychological science. Retrieved from

Open Science: What, Why, and How

Spellman, B., Gilbert, E. A., & Corker, K. S. (2017, September 20). Open Science: What, Why, and How. Retrieved from

PRO Initiatives Guidelines

"These pages provide guidance in implementing open practices and links to resources on the web that help authors contribute to the scientific literature in a more open way."

Open Science FAQ

Felix Henninger's FAQ to Open Science topics offers a great resource for quick answers concerning Open Science topcis

Managing and Sharing Data: Best Practice for Researchers

UK Data Archive's guide for managing data for sharing and for ethics, consent, and licensing issues.

DataWiz Knowledge Base

Best practice guidelines, tools and resources for researchers before, during and after data collection:

Resource Library by BITSS

Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences:

Open Science MOOC Resource Library

Great collection of resources as part of an Open Science MOOC:

Further Recommended Readings