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LMU Open Science Initiative in Medicine

The LMU Open Science Initiative in Medicine (OSIM) aims to promote open science in medicine by developing training programs and offering strategies on how to improve effectiveness and reproducibility of basic and clinical medical research.
Together with the LMU Open Science Center our final goal is to improve scientific practices and reproducibility in medical research at LMU and beyond. If you are a faculty member of LMU medical science and want to join the initiative, do not hesitate to contact us.

The OSIM has an open mailing list for announcements and information about upcoming meetings and workshops. If you would like to be added to the OSIM mailing list, you may contact Christina Sauer ( or sign up here:


Prof. Dr. Anne-Laure Boulesteix
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila

Upcoming OSIM meetings

  • 14.06.2024, 14:00: Preprints, with Vanessa Gabriel (University Library of LMU Munich)
  • 12.07.2024, 14:00: Open code, with Fabian Scheipl (Department of Statistics, LMU Munich)
  • 11.10.2024, 14:00: Possible disadvantages of data sharing and the lack of recognition of data generation effort, with Jürgen Bernhagen (Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research, LMU Munich)

Past meetings

  • 10.02.2023, 14:00: Open science in animal research, with Eckart Thein (Central Coordinator for Animal Protection at the LMU)
  • 10.03.2023, 14:00: Reporting of clinical studies, with Martin Dreyling (Director of the Center for Malignant Hematology at CCC Munich)
  • 31.03.2023, 14:00: Reporting of clinical studies, with Antje Hentrich (Head of the MMRS Office) and Annette Hartmann (Program Coordinator Ph.D. Public Health & Epidemiology)
  • 14.07.2023, 14:00: Statistical routines and the replication crisis, with Tom Sterkenburg (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy)
  • 13.10.2023, 14:00: Raising awareness of LMU Services on research data management (RDM), Open Access (OA), and Open Science, with Martin Spenger (University Library, RDM Help Desk), Veit Schwab (University Funding Unit), and Felix Schönbrodt (Open Science Center)
  • 10.11.2023, 14:00: Open science challenges in ML and medicine, with Michael Ingrisch (Medical Faculty) and Guillaume Landry (Medical Faculty)
  • 08.12.2023, 14:00: Metascience (i.e. „scientific studies on the scientific process“), with Felix Schönbrodt (Open Science Center)
  • 12.01.2024, 14:00: Next steps for 2024
  • 09.02.2024, 14:00: Publishing scientific research protocols on, with Emma Ganley from (slides can be downloaded here)
  • 08.03.2024, 14:00: Use of ChatGPT in science, with Eva Grill and Antje Hentrich
  • 12.04.2024, 14:00: Potential workshops and special topics of future OSIM meetings
  • 10.05.2024, 14:00: Small workshop on predatory journals (announcement, slides)

Past workshops