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Hacky Hour

Come along to talk about code, research tools, and open science in a social environment!

We hold sessions on the last Monday of the month, in person at Wikipedia Munich, Angertorstraße 3, Munich, from 16:30 to 18:00.

Each session will have a theme. If you have a related problem, bring it along to work on it and get help or pointers! We will ensure that there is at least one knowledgeable person in the room, and a facilitator to keep things in check (and order pizza).

Sessions’ agenda:

  • Brief round of introductions and description of the problems you’ll be working on during that session
  • Formation of possible groups or tandems, if participants have tips to exchange on certain topics
  • Hack
  • Wrap-up: progress and next steps

You can subscribe to the mailing list to get reminders or suggest themes:

You can share additional resources and ask further questions on the LMU Chat*, under the Open-Science-Center Team's OSC-hacky-hour channel.

Contact Dr. Malika Ihle with any question!

*LMU chat: If you don’t already use it with your team, you’ll need to activate your account in your portal, by logging in with your SSO and visit:!/rocket-chat. You can choose to download the app (Rocket Chat, open source equivalent to Slack) for easier use. You can then join the Open Science Center team by following this link: There are several channels in this team, which you can join by clicking the hashtag symbol (#) on the top right of the window. One is called #OSC-welcome-and-introduction: please introduce yourself there!. The other one is called #OSC-community-questions-and-announcements: You will be able to use this in the future to request help with your open science questions or post announcements of open science related events or opportunities.