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Many Labs 2: Massive replication project released in psychology

An international team of 186 researchers has analyzed the reproducibility of published studies in psychology: 50% of those (re)tested could not be reproduced. The new work enhances the understanding of the conditions of replicable research.


An international team of researchers in the field of psychology has published a massive new study in the journal Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. More than 15,000 experimental subjects took part in the project, the purpose of which was to repeat 28 psychological studies that have already been published in the literature. The outcome of their efforts was a sobering one: the results of only 14 could be reproduced. In all, 60 research groups working at institutions all over the world were involved in the replication study, including one led by OSC member Dr. Felix Schönbrodt of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at LMU.

Read the full story in the LMU press release.