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PD Dr. Felix Schönbrodt


Mission Statement:

I am principal investigator for Psychological Methods and Assessment at the Department of Psycholgoy.

The reproducibility of research findings is a core criterion of science, which however, has been challenged by the failure of recent large-scale replication projects. To foster open science practices, I teamed up with colleagues and established our department's "Open Science Committee" in 2015. The outcomes of this committee include an open science paragraph which we included in all recent professorship job descriptions, adding transparency criteria to the department's performance-based funding system, or introducing modules on preregistrations, open data, and reproducible scripts as mandatory components in undergraduate courses.

Together with the board of the German Psychological Society (DGPs) I developed the society's recommendations for data sharing in psychology [English version]. In 2016, I received the Leamer-Rosenthal-Prize for Open Social Science from the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS).