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IT-Gruppe Geisteswisssenschaften - Digital Humanities Center

IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften Digital Humanities Center

Mission Statement:

The IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften (known as ITG) is a Digital Humanities competence and data center. It is responsible for the entire humanities and cultural sciences at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (known as LMU). Its organisation is based on an interfaculty and interdisciplinary concept. Its fields of activity include a) IT Infrastructure, b) Research & Teaching digital and c) Research data management.

ITG plans, procures and operates the IT infrastructure on the server and client side, offers hardware and software consulting and first-level support. It accompanies digital projects in research and teaching in all phases. It advises on applications, prepares a proof-of-concept, plans, organises and carries out projects together with the specialist sciences. In cooperation with the University Library of LMU, ITG integrates digital projects into a comprehensive research data management. ITG is committed to the principles of Open Access and FAIR. Its aim is to provide research software (including data, results, program codes) with maximum synergy, availability, transparency, verifiability and sustainability. All concepts and processes are fundamentally oriented towards the idea of "digital / online first".

In principle ITG promotes cooperation between the humanities, computer science, statistics and computational linguistics as well as the emerging data sciences. Its aim is to further expand the interdisciplinary dialogue and thus generate fruitful synergetic effects for all participants.

Open science activities at ITG are well documented by various DH-projects ( Good examples are VerbaAlpina ( geolinguistics, research data, methodology), KiT ( innovative publication in the context of corpus linguistics) or DHVLab ( digital research and teaching infrastructure for the humanities).

Contact person:
Dr. Stephan Lücke