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Professorship job ad requires open science statement (Department Psychology)

Candidates for a professorship position in clinical psychology are asked to provide a statement about their open science practice


In 2015, the Department Psychology of the LMU Munich started to require an open science statement from applicants for a professorship position. Since then, four more professorship were announced using the same requirement:

"Our department embraces the values of open science and strives for replicable and reproducible research. For this goal we support transparent research with open data, open material, and pre-registrations. Candidates are asked to describe in what way they already pursued and plan to pursue these goals."

Today, another position has been announced using the same statement: Professur (W2) auf Zeit (6 Jahre/tenure track) für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie. Jean-Claude Burgelman (Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission) says that “the career system has to gratify open science”. More and more universities add an explicit commitment to open science in their hiring practices. See this OSF project for an incomplete collection of such job advertisements.