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Open Science Beers in Munich

The monthly event aims to bring together scientists across fields for informal conversations about Open Science. The main goal is to bring together like-minded people. However, we also welcome newcomers to Open Science or researchers who are curious or skeptical and want to discuss pros and cons of Open Science.

09.04.2018 at 19:30 



WHEN: Monday, 9th of April, 7:30pm

WHERE: In the restaurant of Mariandl Hotel (U3/U6 Goetheplatz)

 This event is organized by Xenia Schmalz


The meetings will start in the new semester (after April 9th). The events will be coordinated using both a Google group and a Facebook page. On both of these, Xenia Schmalz will post information about upcoming meetings, and members can post specific questions or topics for conversation that they would like to bring up at the next meeting. Please sign up to the Google group and/or the Facebook page if you are interested in attending this event, or also if you would like to be kept up-to-date about upcoming meetings.

The event will take place on a monthly basis, on the last Monday of each month (with the exception of April 2018).

SECOND MEETING: Monday, 28th of May, 7:30, in the restaurant of Mariandl Hotel (TBC)