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The LMU-ifo Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC) joins the OSC.

Welcome to the Open Science Center!


The OSC welcomes the LMU-ifo Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC) as our latest institutional member!


Mission Statement:

Scientific integrity is a core principle every researcher has to live up to every day. The LMU-ifo Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC), the joint research data center of the ifo Institute and the LMU Munich, supports students and researchers from Munich and beyond with this task. We, the EBDC team, offer guidance and courses on good scientific practices and research data management. In addition, researchers have the opportunity to archive their research data at EBDC and make it available for replication and secondary research projects in several ways. Furthermore in our accredited research data center, local and visiting researchers have the possibility to work in a secure, well-equipped and supervised environment with sensitive, access-restricted data sets either from external data holders or the ifo firm data. The cooperation with the Research Data Center of the Federal Statistical Office also makes it possible to access research data sets from German official statistics.