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Who can be a member of the LMU Open Science Center?

According to its statute, the OSC has four categories of membership:

  • Full members ("ordentliche Mitglieder"): University teachers of the LMU (i.e., professors and PDs).
  • Extraordinary members ("außerordentliche Mitglieder"): Other researchers of the LMU (e.g., post-docs and lecturers that do not fall into the first category).
  • Associate members ("assoziierte Mitglieder"): Researchers from other universities or non-university research institutes, who have a close collaboration with the LMU and who contribute to foster the goals of the OSC.
  • Institutional members ("institutionelle Mitglieder"): Research institutions of the LMU (e.g., departments, faculties), central institutions of the LMU, and non-LMU institutions which provide infrastructure or other services that facilitate the goals of the OSC.

By joining the OSC, members (of any category) express that they actively support the goals of the OSC.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LMU OSC, please write an email to


Join a broader open science network: Munich ROCS

munich_rocsIf you want to join the an open science community in Munich without being an official member of the OSC (e.g., because you don't fit to the formal criteria), you are invited to join the network "Munich ROCS: Researchers for Open and Credible Science". This network uses an email list which is open to everyone who wants to promote, discuss or learn about Open Science. Events promoted through the list are mainly centered around Munich. All members of the list are welcome to share events, experiences or questions and the list should serve as a support platform for early career researchers. Munich ROCS operate in close collaboration with the LMU Open Science Center, but the group is open to researchers with any affiliation.

[Link to Munich ROCS email list]