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Dr. Ivett Guntersdorfer

Intercultural Certificate Program

Mission Statement:

I received my doctoral degree at the University of California in Los Angeles, where I was able to be part of several interdisciplinary projects with scholars from several departments. I believe these types of initiatives made our scholarship more successful: Through the collective spirit, we were able to discuss our research and develop new ideas. Ever since, I am convinced that social research always needs to be open resource in order to fit in into the international research community. Moreover, research must be discussed and verified by other scholars in order to become more validated. Discussions within OSC will give us, scientists a critical perspective, which will make our scholarship stronger and more creative. Therefore, I welcome the OSC at LMU-Munich and hope to become and stay an active member of it.

I am currently leading the Intercultural Communication Certificate Program at LMU. Our research group is currently conducting studies on the measurement of intercultural competence and its components. Our goal is to develop and critically analyze new research methods, and to use our results for pedagogical purposes.